Positioning for Growth

Steps for Better Faster Growth


Your Organisation's Purpose

Most companies are clear about the products or services they sell. Many are less so about purpose – the ‘why are we in business’*. Or they were clear but lost their way in pursuit of short-term goals.

Being clear on a relevant, achievable (in the longer term) purpose separates companies with sustained growth from others. We facilitate, but are not a substitute for, owner and leader discussions to define or refine purpose. Knowing exactly why we’re in business helps the whole organisation pursue its objectives.

* Simon Sinek articulates this issue very well in his TED Talk.


Your Organisation's Growth Objectives

Having established, or with an established, purpose your organisation should review how it’s going to meet its growth objectives. Are you offering the right products and services against customer needs? Are you promoting your products or services to the right audience in the right markets? Can you compete effectively with the resources you have or could secure?

We take an objective, evidence based approach to leading or supporting assessments to determine pragmatic growth objectives.


Your Organisation's Operating Model

Having determined your growth objectives how will you deliver? The operating model encompasses people (structure and culture), processes, systems (IT and management) required to deliver the growth objectives on all cylinders.

We will engage with your senior team to design or facilitate the design of the future operating model

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